I am Mathieu Perreault

Web developer UI Designer UX Designer

About me...


I am a graphic designer and web developer just out of school. What I can bring you? Efficient products based on simplicity and ease. I place a particular attention to each project so that it may be be personalized for you and your clients to better prosper. The quality of your product is my priority.

My experience

  • DEC in multimedia

    College Montpetit 2016-2019

My skills

Photoshop 98%
HTML5 & CSS3 85%
Illustrator 92%
Premiere & After Effect 60%
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Years of experience


Sucessfull projects





My Services

Graphic design

My competences and design also in drawing will permit me to conceive web interfaces, friendly web sites, logos, business cards, infographics, and much more!

Web Production

My competences in HTML and CSS will permit me to build websites on desktops, tablets, and Mobil aps.

UX design

My personalized approach allows me to put myself in the user's shoes to create user-friendly products that meet your target customer.

My Portfolio



Guerby Eliphete

"It’s impeccable man! A big thank you !"


Mathieu Pelchat

"Mathieu’s approach is very personalized and specific to each client. Hats off to him!"

Contact me

  • Coming soon...
  • (514) 712-1356
  • designperreault@gmail.com